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ERB Firsts - First edition books by Edgar Rice Burroughs
MARS (1-6) MARS (7-11) PELLUCIDAR (1-6) VENUS (1-5)
1 A Princess of Mars 7 A Fighting Man of Mars 1 At the Earths Core 1 Pirates of Venus
2 The Gods of Mars 8 Swords of Mars 2 Pellucidar 2 Lost on Venus
3 The Warlord of Mars 9 Synthetic Men of Mars 3 Tanar of Pellucidar 3 Carson of Venus
4 Thuvia, Maid of Mars 10 Llana of Gathol 4 Back to the Stone Age 4 Escape from Venus
5 The Chessmen of Mars 11 John Carter of Mars 5 Land of Terror 5 Tales of Three Planets
6 The Master Mind of Mars 6 Savage Pellucidar

Back to the Stone Age

Burroughs, Inc. published this book on Sep. 15, 1937. It is bound in the typical blue pebbled boards with red lettering. The words "First Edition" appear on the copyright page. John Coleman Burroughs illustrated the dust jacket and seven interior illustrations. The dust jacket was made available in both the laminated and unlaminated state.

It is not known how many copies of this book Burroughs, Inc. printed, however they all didn't sell. The excess inventory was sold to Grosset & Dunlap in 1939. They put their own dust jacket, which has Grosset & Dunlap on the spine, over the first edition book without modifying the interior pages. These books are from the same print-run as the other first editions with no internal differences. Only the dust jacket is different.

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