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ERB Firsts - First edition books by Edgar Rice Burroughs
For collectors or resellers, determining which ERB books are truly a first edition is a challenge for a couple reasons. Almost all ERB first editions from 1914 until the 1930's lack any statement of "First Edition" as such, listing the year of publication on the title page, and, the copyright date on the back of the Title Page.

Books that bear the name "A.L. Burt" or "Grosset & Dunlap" on the spine of the book are NOT first editions, they are reprints. What is confusing is that these reprints use the same year of publication as the first edition, if shown, on the Title Page; they do not include the date of the reprint anywhere. Also, the copyright page will show the original publisher "A.C. McClurg" along with the original copyright date.

In the 1930's Edgar Rice Burroughs started his own publishing company. Books published by his company will have "Burroughs" on the spine of the book. Almost all Burroughs published first edition books have the words "First Edition" on either the Title Page or Copyright Page.

This purpose of this website is to educate new collectors of Edgar Rice Burroughs First Edition books by providing photo's, descriptions and pricing information* of every book he wrote. Not only is collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs first edition books fun, they're also a good investment that through the years have continued to increase in price.

Throughout this website you will find many photos of books and dust jackets. Photos shown with a four leaf clover are from my personal collection.

Many people e-mail who have reprint edition Edgar Rice Burroughs book(s) wondering about the value, but as I do not collect these I could not say. I can say that these books are commonly sold on ebay for $5 to $25 and some as high as $150 should a nice dust jacket be included. Ebay has many ERB books for auction at high prices but the asking price does not represent the value of the book as few sell for those prices. Check "Completed Listings" on ebay to see what ERB books actually sell for.

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* began a 3 year project on Jan 01, 2002 which concluded on Dec. 31, 2005. Its goal was to assign an order of rarity based on how frequent each book sells at auction, and, to include the approximate value for all the ERB first edition books. Refer to the "F.E.A.S.T. Reports" menu selection under the RESEARCH for the results of this project.

Website began on 12/11/02.            Updated 7/28/16     

Work in Progress: adding collectors info. also adding dust jackets, starting with originals, grading of dust jackets and books owned and shown here, adding reprint publisher A.L. Burt & Grosset & Dunlap info & photos to each book starting with Tarzan of the Apes.

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