ERB Firsts Title
ERB Firsts - First edition books by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Comic Book Sites
  • Comic Strip - provides a daily Tarzan comic strip
  • ERB Comic Collector by Nick Knowles - featuring Tarzan, Korak, John Carter in comics from Dell, Gold Key, Charlton, DC, Marvel, Malibu, Dark Horse with pictures of the comic covers. Note - this site has been offline since 2005 and link is to the archive!
  • Tarzan of the Comics - article of ERB characters in comics and a time-line with photos of choice publications. Note - this site has been offline since 2009 and link is to the archive!

E-books available to read on-line at no charge!

Misc. ERB Related Websites

  • The Dream Vaults of Opar - by Patrick H. Adkins, co-publisher to "Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder" and Science Fiction author, provides dozens of articles and opinions of insight into Edgar Rice Burroughs and his novels.
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs - Creator of Tarzan - Official Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. website, provides the official bibliography of Mr. Burroughs, information and photos of Mr. Burroughs, books, and dust jackets, and the address to write Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
  • ERBzin-E - by Bill Hillman produces a free weekly web publication devoted to the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Information is gathered from other websites and from Mr. Hillman's personal collection and presented weekly. The site includes all back issues and is a treasure trove of information for the ERB enthusiast.

Movie Related Websites

  • Tarzan of the Internet - by Ed Stephan provides information on Tarzan Books, Movies, Movie Posters, Movie Photos.
  • Tarzan Movie Guide - by Matt Winans, reviews all Tarzan movies from 1918 to the present

Paperback Sites

  • ERB Paperback Collector by Nick Knowles - featuring paperbacks from Ace, Ballantine, Del-Rey and other publishers. Note: Site offline since 2005 and reconstructed by Russ Kirkman

Reproduction Dust Jackets for Sale

  • Erbgraphics - Inexpensive reproduction first edition and reprint dust jackets for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Charlie Madison.
  • Recoverings - by Phil Normand, high quality reproductions of select ERB first edition jackets.