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ERB Collector Form Submission

If you are a collector of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and, have a collection that meets the parameters outlined below, and, would like your collection posted on, please complete the following form.

FIRSTS For collectors of ERB first edition books, your collection must be at least 60% complete which would be 45 books of the 76 total available. Note: Compared to the other Collector Types, these requirements are not as stringent due to this site being primarily about first edition books.
REPRINT For collectors of A.L. Burt and Grosset & Dunlap reprint editions, your collection must be 100% for all titles reprinted. If in addition, you have multiple variants all the better!
PAPERBACK For paperbacks, your ERB collection must include 75% of ALL available U.S. paperback editions as shown on Nick Knowles website - ERB Paperback Collector. Or, a collection of over 300 different paperbacks from around the world.
MISC For other types of ERB items (foreign books, buttons, comics, old movies / original posters), your collection must be 75% complete as to what you're collecting. For instance, if collecting Tarzan buttons, you must have at least 75% of the available buttons. Also, your collection must have at least 50 items in it and have a value of at least $1000.
ART For collectors of ERB art, your collection must have at least 5 original drawings or paintings by famous ERB artists where the collection is worth at least $20,000.
MULTI The catagory is for those collectors who meet at least TWO of the above collection types.
COMPLETIST For those who collect anything ERB related, and, who have at least 500 ERB related items with a value of at least $10,000.

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To keep your collection safe from possible theft, will not post personal information, i.e. your full name or city in which you reside. We will either post your first name and last name initial, or, if you have a nickname we can use that as well.

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In the 3rd person, type a short bio about yourself, your collection, family, work, other interests. If a Multi, Completists, or Misc. collector please include what type of items you collect. Be sure not to include any personal information, i.e., name of business, that would allow someone to locate you.

Photos of your collection (or you with your collection) are required prior to listing your collection on Note: Having your photos here is also one more way of documenting your collection should you have a loss covered by insurance.

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