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The Mucker

This book was published on Oct. 31, 1921 with a second reprinting in 1922. The first printing has "1921" on the title page (see photo on right), and, the second printing has "1922" on the title page. Otherwise both editions are the same. The boards are a light grayish-green with brownish-red lettering. There was a total of 17,000 copies printed for both editions. J. Allen St. John illustrated the dust jacket and five interior illustrations.

This story in paperback is split up as two separate books, "The Mucker" and "Return of the Mucker" . Interestingly part one of "The Mucker" was actually published prior to the American edition by Methuen, an English publisher, on Oct. 6, 1921. However the American edition is the first hardback of the complete story.

The book below is of the "1921" printing.

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