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1 An Auto-biography 2 The Mucker 3 The Girl from Hollywood 4 The Land that Time Forgot
5 The Cave Girl 6 The Bandit of Hell's Bend 7 The Eternal Lover 8 The Moon Maid
9 The Mad King 10 The Outlaw of Torn 11 The War Chief 12 The Monster Men
13 Jungle Girl 14 Apache Devil 15 The Oakdale Affair/The Rider 16 The Lad and the Lion
17 Tarzan Clans of America 18 The Scientists Revolt 19 Deputy Sheriff of Commanche Cnty 20 Beyond Thirty / Man-Eater
21 I am a Barbarian 22 Pirate Blood 23 Minidoka 24 Marcia of the Doorstep
25 You Lucky Girl! 26 The Efficiency Expert 27 Forgotten Tales of Love & Murder 28 The Girl from Farris's

The Monster Men

A.C. McClurg & Co. published the first edition of this book on Mar. 15, 1929. They did not reprint this title so any book with their name on the spine is a first edition. The book cover is a light brown and the lettering is dark green. The illustration on the dust jacket was done by J. Allen St. John who also illustrated the title page. A total of 5,000 copies were printed.

Above is the first edition dust jacket. I would grade it a "Very Good +" jacket due to small chips and faded spine.

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